By Published On: 14 April 2021
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Amcor’s global engagement survey identified that one of the key drivers of employee engagement is career opportunities. Pipsy helped Amcor identify best practices in career development to enhance career opportunities within the largest employee group, Operator positions at manufacturing sites.

Sharing Best Practice to Improve Employee Engagement

Career Development Opportunities a key driver of engagement

The real value of engagement surveys comes after the results, in the actions that an organisation takes to improve employee engagement. Amcor is a global packaging company with 29,000 employees across 40 countries, many in emerging markets. At Amcor the post-engagement survey action planning is a central focus of their employee engagement strategy. The recent survey showed that a key driver of engagement is the opportunity for employees to develop their career. This was relevant for all levels in the organisation including co-workers in operator positions in the manufacturing plants.

Analysing the survey results, there were areas where the employees rated their opportunities for career development as good, and other areas where there was room for improvement. This project, undertaken by Pipsy, identified the best practices in career development across a global, diversified company and identified practical ways to improve career development opportunities to be replicated around the organisation. In the manufacturing operations some of the best practices identified were: training schemes for developing for Operations Team leaders, job rotation through different manufacturing departments and levelling of jobs and wages based on job responsibilities.

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