The challenge was to develop the next generation of leaders for an international company expanding globally. Developing a pool of high potentials through mentoring and career development was Pipsy’s contribution to this project.

Mentoring and Developing High Potentials

Amcor’s Accelerated Career Development Program (ACDP) aims to develop a pool of internationally astute, commercially aware and culturally diverse High Potentials for future management positions. With international expansion Amcor needs future leaders who are capable of working in the global business environment and across diverse international markets. To support the development of the ACDP High Potential’s Pipsy supported by

  1. Development of Mentoring Program
  2. Advising each high potential on individual career development plan


Mentoring is one of the most effective ways of developing people by development being in real time, on real issues with a senior manager experienced in the industry and company. Pipsy developed the mentoring process flow, guidelines for mentors and mentees and briefing sessions. The process and guidance ensured that the mentoring process is effective by setting clear expectations at the start of the mentoring relationship and building trust between mentor and mentee.

Individual Development Plans

Using the 70:20:10 development framework, Amcor aims to support the High Potentials to make the most of the opportunities for development on-the-job during the three year ACDP program. Pipsy reviewed the individual profiles (OPQ, ability and CV) against the Amcor Leadership Competency Framework and identified areas for potential development. In discussion with each High Potential’s we agreed skills and behaviours to develop during the program. Recommendations focused on the options for 70% (experiential learning) and 20% (peer-to-peer learning) such as recommended work assignments, performance review goals, reflection tasks and stretch projects to help strengthen skills and practice new behaviours.

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