Career Rut to Career Rocket

Turn that bump in your mid-career path into a launch pad to your dream career

A 3 month 121 journey to empower and support you to find a job you love

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to Reignite your Career


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Hello mid-career professional

Mid-career is a challenging time. I know times are crazy in the corporate world, in the last 25 years I’ve seen it all. Challenges from rapid change and business volatility and challenges as we confront questions about what we want to do for the next 10 or 20 years in our career.

Whether your career quandary is driven by organisational or personal challenges, then we’ve met at the right time. Now is the time to start your journey to a brighter future.

You know what you “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve” done – build your network, perfect your personal brand, CV, and LinkedIn profile. But being busy and stressed means you’re now stuck in a career rut.

Working together 121 you’re supported to get unstuck, rediscover your motivation and energy to achieve the career success you deserve.
I believe we all deserve a job where we feel fulfilled. You’ve worked long and hard to build your expertise and professional reputation. Now it is time to rediscover inspiring and satisfying work again. Work that doesn’t feel like work.

I can’t wait to start working together to help your career to rocket ahead.



Navigate your way to mid-career success

Your 121 journey will help you to

Find the clarity on a career that is fulfilling, fun and satisfying
Reignite your mojo – bring back your old confidence and energy
Get focussed on where you are going next
Invest your time and energy in career success
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to Reignite your Career

What do we cover in Reimagine your Career

Reimagine Your Career is a coaching solution designed for mid-career professionals to reignite their career, moving out of that career rut to rocket ahead.

In Reimage we work in 5 steps to navigate to your dream job. The process is iterative and interactive.

It is about creating a career and life that motivates and inspires you.

What makes Reimage your Career Unique?


Each client is unique and each programme is tailored to your needs


We focus on both the big-picture career plan and guidance to execute it


Fun learning activities and readings to find a fresh perspective on challenges


Stepping back from the day-to-day to reflect and rethink

What’s included

2 weekly 75-minute coaching sessions for 3 months

Your own collaborative workspace for sharing notes, resources, learnings

Selected resources, readings and activities to inspire

Self-assessments: Behavioural styles profile, stress assessment and work-life style

Direct access to answer questions via WhatsApp over 3 months

Career Plan, CV, LinkedIn Profile and Elevator Pitch

Access to online courses on focus, LinkedIn profile, personal branding

Copy of my book Focus in the Age of Distraction

What clients are saying…

“I reached out to Jane, as I was looking for some guidance and clarity on potential future career steps. The coaching helped me reflect on and market my current skillset, while also helping me to identify what I was missing and where to develop those skills. Jane is a great coach and provides the space for honest, impactful reflection in a safe, fun environment.”

Business Manager, Bank

“I highly recommend Jane as a career coach. She really listens to what you want and tries to find the most practical and efficient path for you. The coaching process is very well structured with a clear set of goals defined at the beginning. Thanks to her I have a clear idea of what I want for my career!”

Cyrielle, Consultant

“I valued my coaching experience with Jane very much. The key aspect that was helpful to me and for which I am very thankful: A trusting relationship, acceptance of my situation and the changing priorities during the job search process, authenticity, and interest in me reaching my goal of finding a new position”

Project Manager, MedTech

“I started coaching with Jane when I was thinking about a new career track. The coaching helped me understand better what I was missing and where to look for it. I found her to be understanding and able to guide my development with rigor but a personal touch.”


“The coaching sessions have been very practical, empathetic, focused and flexible to accommodate the ongoing findings and challenges at work. All following step-by-step approach but also in a spiral mode so I could reflect and integrate the different areas I was working on into my main objective – strengthen my self-confidence, challenge my self-awareness and awareness of others and be more successful at my job.”


“I most benefited from Jane’s empathetic approach, as she was able to tailor the coaching plan and the individual sessions according to my needs and priorities. As a plus I could avail of practical career tips, networking orientation, insight and feedback on my progress, all with a very personable touch. She helped me move past the misconception that career change at 40 is a chance occurrence for the few, and consider how it can come through with self-awareness and a great deal of preparation.”


“The coaching process was helpful for me because it got me thinking about issues I knew were a problem, but I wasn’t sure how to approach. I found that the personality assessment assisted me in putting together a better picture of what I wanted my next position to look like and the interviewing skills and networking discussions were definitely two areas that were particularly relevant for me. Overall, I feel more confident and prepared for my job search and I have a better grasp on how I want to position myself with potential employers. I would recommend Jane without hesitation.”


“I valued my coaching experience with Jane very much. The key aspect that was helpful to me and for which I am very thankful: A trusting relationship, acceptance of my situation and the changing priorities during the job search process, authenticity, and interest in me reaching my goal of finding a new position”

Project Manager, MedTech

“Jane was great at listening to my aspirations and helped me to work through what my options were. She guided me through rewriting my CV to fit with Swiss expectations, looked over covering letters, explained the importance of networking and more importantly the practicalities around this.”


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to Reignite your Career

Reimagine is for you if…..

  • Craving a job that is fulfilling and rewarding but don’t know where to start looking
  • Want to reignite your career again
  • Want a good career and also an enriching and enjoyable personal life
  • Can invest at least 2 hours a week on your personal growth and development

Reimagine is not for you if ….

  • You need to find any job quickly so you can pay the bills, without looking longer term
  • You want a service that will recommend you for jobs, make introductions or write your CV for you
  • Looking for money, prestige and status whatever the cost to your personal life and wellbeing
  • You can’t invest 2 hours a week to reflect, learn and grow

Hi there, I’m Jane your coach. I believe that we all deserve a job where we feel happy and fulfilled. Work shouldn’t leave us feeling drained and burnt out. Let’s take a holistic approach to finding a job and career that suits you, while also allowing time for other pleasures in life – family, friends, wellbeing, sport and fun.

With 25 years of international experience in various companies like Roche, Amcor, AFRY, and Air New Zealand, I’ve worked in HR up to the executive level. Eight years ago, I decided to step off the corporate treadmill and start my own company.

I love to learn and have (probably too many 😉) qualifications – a registered Organizational Psychologist, accredited member of the International Society of Coaching Psychology and an Executive MBA with Henley Management College in the UK.

But hey, I’m not all work and no play! I love outdoor sports like cycling, cross-country skiing, and snowshoe hiking. I understand the importance of finding a fulfilling career without sacrificing life and well-being.

Are you ready to reimagine your career?

I’m ready to reimagine my career!