Stress Self-Assessment

This self-assessment is to make you aware of your response to stress. Think about how you felt over the last 2-3 months.  The questions ask about the common feelings, behaviours and physical reactions to stress. These are associated often with our “fight or flight” response. However, this is just a general guide. Please be aware some of the symptoms may be as a response to other medical conditions.

Complete the 18 questions below to assess your stress. At the end you will then receive a short assessment of your current stress level. If you want further information about managing stress you can leave your email address at the end of the assessment.

1. Feeling in a low mood or depressed
2. Self-doubts or low self-esteem
3. Negative thoughts
4. Anxious, apprehensive, frightening or worrying
5. Unable to concentrate, forgetting things, distracted
6. Feeling out of control
7. Irritable, snappy or easily annoyed
8. Increased alcohol consumption
9. Increased caffeine consumption
10. Eating irregularly or comfort eating
11. Disturbed sleep patterns
12. Eating / Walking / talking / doing everything quickly
13. Back, neck, shoulder aches
14. Stomach or digestion problems
15. Frequent colds or minor illnesses
16. Headaches
17. Palpitations or racing heartbeat
18. Rapid weight loss or gain

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