In our busy fast paced organisation people are being interrupted every 3 minutes by email, instant messages and other people. Re-focusing and re-engaging your teams is vital to increase productivity and performance in your organisation.

Pipsy’s 1-2 day workshops and follow up team and individual coaching improves productivity by

  • Developing focus and attention
  • Finding time and headspace for creative work and problem solving during working hours
  • Building team practices to improve concentration, communication and clarity

The workshop focused on practical, small changes in behaviour and mindset make a big change in the productivity, well-being and engagement of your teams.

The real benefit of any learning and development is when your people change their mindset and behaviour.

We facilitate an active adult learning approach that:

  • Shares and builds on the experience and wisdom of the participants
  • Includes activities where the participants think, practice, reflect and learn new behaviours
  • Uses of models and concepts that are memorable and understandable to apply without referring to a textbook
  • Supports post course implementation with action planning and if agreed follow up coaching

This approach increases return on investment of the time your people invest in training by applying their new skills and behaviour in their daily work.

Amcor High Potential Program

The challenge was to develop the next generation of leaders for an international company expanding globally.
Developing a pool of high potentials through mentoring and career development was Pipsy’s contribution to this project. (more…)

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Strategic re-alignment of L&D for Rockwool

Focusing Learning and Development (L&D) on improving business results requires a strong link to the business strategy. Pipsy undertook a project at Rockwool to align the L&D strategy to Rockwool’s People Agenda and business strategy. (more…)

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Increasing Employee Engagement with Career Opportunities

Amcor’s global engagement survey identified that one of the key drivers of employee engagement is career opportunities. Pipsy helped Amcor identify best practices in career development to enhance career opportunities within the largest employee group, Operator positions at manufacturing sites.


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Cultural Development

How to create a single unified culture when the people came from several different acquired companies?
This was the challenge facing Pöyry Management Consulting. With cartoons and storytelling they’ve made progress


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