Focused and Funny

Bringing together Kiwi humour and Swiss efficiency Jane’s speeches use storytelling and humour to be thought-provoking, memorable and entertaining. After 20 years in corporate HR roles and the author of the book Focus in the Age of Distraction she speaks on topics:

  • Find your Focus in a Crazy Busy World,
  • Digital Addiction: The Irresistible attraction of your iPhone,
  • Managing the Digitally Distracted Generation,
  • Topics on future of work and careers in 21st century

Jane’s aim is to have audience leave the room and make small changes in habits that will have a lasting impact on improving their engagement, career satisfaction and productivity.

Jane Piper is such a dynamic, engaging speaker, with great sense of humor! In her very lively, engaging and energizing session, Jane gave clear tips – and most importantly, actionable suggestions — on how to implement some valuable strategies.
Daniela Martin, HR Manager, Evraz

An energetic, enthusiastic, entertaining speaker, Jane, cut to the chase. Attention is the new currency. We want your attention, you want our attention, and devices are always robbing us of attention.
Alexa MacDonald, Communications Leader, SAP

In company talks: UBS, Bayer; Syngenta, Eli Lilly, Bucher, Amcor.

Conferences and Events: Digital Leadership Forum 2019, The Professional Women’s Group of Zürich, Zug Commodities Assn, Women in Digital Switzerland, AWE Summit, Ignite.

Watch the show reel below and videos of other talks. To discuss a talk at your organisation or next event then please contact us here.

  • Jane Piper Speaker Showreel – 2:52

Looking for a dynamic, engaging and thought provoking speaker? Jane Piper, organisational psychologist, talks about the challenges of being focused in our digital world, the future of work and careers in the 21st century. For more information contact us.

  • The Irresistible Addiction of your iPhone – 5:28

Best Speaker Zurich 2019

Is your phone more interesting than sex? For this generation of teenagers it is true! But not just them – we’re so often on our phone that we have forgotten about connecting to the people right in front of us. Addicted to social media, obsessed with Instagram and getting our news from Twitter – where will it end?
This was the winning speech at the Zürich 2019 Stand Up and Speak Up competition with the theme “Be the Change”

  • Will you be replaced by a robot – 5:27
    Ignite Zürich 19 August 2018

Will your job be replaced by a robot? What is a secure career choice for the coming 20-30 years? Looking to future Jane explains what will be the jobs most likely to be replaced by automation, and what you need to do to have a life-long career

  • What ever happened to the 40 hour week – 5:09
    Ignite Zürich 3 July 2015

What happened to the 40 hour work week? Is your smartphone helping you work smarter? In today’s modern world we are able to work almost anywhere at anytime with the help of smart phones, laptops and other tech. But now we find we are never not working, constantly checking and working much more than 40 hours per week. Jane Piper of Pipsy shares 3 tips with you on how you can get the best out of technology so you are not working 24/7.
For more read the blog..

  • Act First, Think Later – 16:17
    AWE Summit, Zürich 31 October 2015

Act First, Think Later: Too often we get stuck: stuck in a rut, stuck in our head and don’t make the leap into the unknown to try something new, to give it a go. But to get to somewhere new we have to take small steps to explore, get a taste of something in a new, try it a little. Then we’ve built up confidence and we think we can. When we think we can do something then we will do something.