Work-Life Style Self-Assessment

In today‘s fast paced busy world we all struggle to find the best way to manage our energy and time. This work-life style self-assessment is developed from the work of Dr. Ellen Kossek at Purdue University. It asks you questions about the way you manage your work-life boundaries. There are no right or wrong answers. Understanding how you manage your boundaries, compared to other styles, can give you ideas of how you could manage your boundaries differently to give you more time and energy.

Complete the 12 questions below to assess your work-life style. At the end you will then receive information about your work-life style. Enter your email address and name to receive more information about work-life styles.


I take care of personal or family needs during work.

1 out of 12

I respond to personal communications during work.

2 out of 12

When I work from my home, I handle personal or family responsibilities.

3 out of 12

I regularly bring work home

4 out of 12

I respond to job-related communications during my personal time away from work.

5 out of 12

I check job-related communications during my free time.

6 out of 12

I work during vacations.

7 out of 12

I allow work to interrupt me when I spend time with my family and friends.

8 out of 12

When I'm at home I often think about work.

9 out of 12

I check my work phone as soon as I hear or see a new message has arrived.

10 out of 12

I constantly have my phone on to keep up with work texts, emails or calls.

11 out of 12

I prefer to combine my work and personal life activities througout the day.

12 out of 12