“I started coaching with Jane when I was thinking about a new career track. The coaching helped me understand better what I was missing and where to look for it. I found her to be understanding and able to guide my development with rigor but a personal touch.”


“The coaching sessions have been very practical, empathetic, focused and flexible to accommodate the ongoing findings and challenges at work. All following step-by-step approach but also in a spiral mode so I could reflect and integrate the different areas I was working on into my main objective – strengthen my self-confidence, challenge my self-awareness and awareness of others and be more successful at my job.”


“Jane was great at listening to my aspirations and helped me to work through what my options were. She guided me through rewriting my CV to fit with Swiss expectations, looked over covering letters, explained the importance of networking and more importantly the practicalities around this.”


“I most benefited from Jane’s empathetic approach, as she was able to tailor the coaching plan and the individual sessions according to my needs and priorities. As a plus I could avail of practical career tips, networking orientation, insight and feedback on my progress, all with a very personable touch. She helped me move past the misconception that career change at 40 is a chance occurrence for the few, and consider how it can come through with self-awareness and a great deal of preparation.”


“The coaching process was helpful for me because it got me thinking about issues I knew were a problem, but I wasn’t sure how to approach. I found that the personality assessment assisted me in putting together a better picture of what I wanted my next position to look like and the interviewing skills and networking discussions were definitely two areas that were particularly relevant for me. Overall, I feel more confident and prepared for my job search and I have a better grasp on how I want to position myself with potential employers. I would recommend Jane without hesitation.”


“I started my coaching sessions with Jane as I needed more clarity on how to achieve my goals. She led me into the process of creating my business model and setting priorities. I soon defined a more realistic plan to keep a healthy work-life balance. Through the sessions I learnt techniques to manage those moments of negative mindset, and to identify when perfectionism would get in my way of achieving my objectives. I found Jane an easy person to connect with. She has a real interest in helping you and an enjoyable technique to make you confront and improve your own mindset.”


“I reached out to Jane, as I was looking for some guidance and clarity on potential future career steps. The coaching helped me reflect on and market my current skillset, while also helping me to identify what I was missing and where to develop those skills. Jane is a great coach and provides the space for honest, impactful reflection in a safe, fun environment.”

Business Manager, Bank

“I highly recommend Jane as a career coach. She really listens to what you want and tries to find the most practical and efficient path for you. The coaching process is very well structured with a clear set of goals defined at the beginning. Thanks to her I have a clear idea of what I want for my career!”

Cyrielle, Consultant

“I valued my coaching experience with Jane very much. The key aspect that was helpful to me and for which I am very thankful: A trusting relationship, acceptance of my situation and the changing priorities during the job search process, authenticity, and interest in me reaching my goal of finding a new position”

Project Manager, MedTech