In today’s world of massive digital disruption leaders need to transform and change their business to meet market demands and keep ahead of the competition. A great strategy requires execution and implementation through the people in your organisation.

  • Are your people and leaders changing with your business?
  • Do they have the skills to learn new ways of working, lead and manage?
  • Are they meeting the demands of a global, rapidly changing, fast paced business world?

Without changing your people’s mindsets then no real transformation in your organisation will happen. Pipsy helps to inspire and develop your people to implement and deliver your organisation’s strategy through:

  • Clear, coherent communication strategy
  • Designing and implementing effective change management
  • Aligning leadership behaviour and culture to effect change
  • Reviewing and revising HR processes; reward, organisational structure, people development to meet your strategy

Every organisation and every project is different. After understanding your challenges we apply innovative yet proven tools and techniques to engage people. We use appropriate metrics to measure success along the way.

Key areas we look at include:

  • Cultural Change: Culture eats strategy for breakfast (P.Drucker). Without changing the culture then most change efforts fail. Pipsy uses innovative methods to help create change in the culture. See a case study here.
  • Collaboration: Getting people to work effectively in a team is important to advance ideas, innovations and improve performance in your organisation.
  • Communication: Authentic and honest communication from visible and trusted leaders is needed to ensure genuine dialogue and inspire people to move in a new direction.
  • Developing people: people want to grow and develop. Line managers are central and we help these managers engage, coach and develop their team members.

For examples of our work see our reference projects.

Amcor High Potential Program

The challenge was to develop the next generation of leaders for an international company expanding globally.
Developing a pool of high potentials through mentoring and career development was Pipsy’s contribution to this project. (more…)

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Strategic re-alignment of L&D for Rockwool

Focusing Learning and Development (L&D) on improving business results requires a strong link to the business strategy. Pipsy undertook a project at Rockwool to align the L&D strategy to Rockwool’s People Agenda and business strategy. (more…)

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Increasing Employee Engagement with Career Opportunities

Amcor’s global engagement survey identified that one of the key drivers of employee engagement is career opportunities. Pipsy helped Amcor identify best practices in career development to enhance career opportunities within the largest employee group, Operator positions at manufacturing sites.


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Cultural Development

How to create a single unified culture when the people came from several different acquired companies?
This was the challenge facing Pöyry Management Consulting. With cartoons and storytelling they’ve made progress


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